Water is Life!

Water – source of life: It cleans, refreshes, relaxes, heals and carries. Refresh with a glass of fresh, pure Ötztal water directly from the tap.


Tirol’s biggest waterfall with a height of 159 metres
On a quaint and easy path one hikes across roots and stone steps uphill right of the waterfall. Five spectacular vantage platforms are installed along the route. On them you can experience the force of the water first hand. On a fixed suspension bridge in the upper section you can cross the nature spectacle. This adventurous hike including tour takes approximately 90 minutes and is also suitable for children.

Umhausen Swimming Lake



The Umhausen swimming lake with a water temperature of up to 24°C and pure spring water of a hardness of 0 also has a spacious sunbathing lawn. This makes it perfect for some hours of relaxation.

Health Centre in Umhausen

The healing radon water, which has its source in the depth of the Ötztal, has many effects. It is recommended for treating degenerative spine and joint issues as well as rheumatic diseases and diseases of the skin and the respiratory tract. It is also commonly used for treating unpleasant side effects of the menopause, to boost the immune system and for general revitalization.  

Aqua Dome



Tirol Therme Längenfeld
Two large basins with sulphurous thermal water with a temperature of 34 and 36°C resp. await you. The water comes from a depth of 1,865m and is perfect for healthy  bathing. The impressive waterfall, the two indoor pools and the relaxing rooms with view of the outside are perfect for relaxation. Sunbeds and a warmth oasis complete the offer.

Kneipp Facility in Umhausen

Ice-cold, pure spring water revives if used according to the "Doctrine of Kneipp". After a Kneipp session a hike along the Arzwinkl trail towards the Stuibenfall is perfect for boosting the circulation. You will feel well for the rest of the day. The Kneipp facilities can be used free of charge.

Ötztal Water Walks

Experience the variety of water in the Ötztal along the Water Walks. The trails lead you from the Ötztal glacier past wild waterfalls, the roaring water of the Ötztal Ache river as well as the slow waters along the irrigation channels to numerous peaceful mountain lakes.  

More information on the Ötztal Water Walks is available on: www.oetztal.com

Wasserwaal Trail in Köfels

This unique Waal (irrigation channel) was built in the 15th century. With it the precious glacier water from the Ploderferner it could be used for watering the meadows and fields around Köfels. In 1860 it was abandoned. In 2005 it was repaired together with the trail. Today the Waalweg trail is a popular hiking destination for guests and locals.

Piburger See Lake



Experience the Piburger See lake in all its beauty: The lake is one of the oldest nature reserves in Tirol. Already in 1929 is was declared being a natural monument. The lake is situated in crystal stones and this is why it has very soft water. In high summer the water temperature rises up to 24°C. Because of its scenic location it is a popular hiking destination for swimmers and hikers.

Winkelberg See Lake

Stay at the idyllic Winkelbergsee after following the Geo nature trail from Winkeln and discovering interesting facts about the landslide of Köfels. A few meters further on, along the brook, there is a water playground. The way back leads first through the forest downhill, then over the former sea ground through meadows to the Au-Winkeln parking lot.

Arzwinkel - Waalweg Trail

The old Waale are still partially used by farmers for irrigating the meadows. Choose this ascent and experience this once so vital cultural tradition. Starting at the Bischoffsplatz parking lot (Ötzi Village), you walk past the Kneipp facility through the forest to the beginning of the irrigation channels to the Stuibenfall waterfall.


You can cross the Ötztaler Ache on a very old bridge. The Wellerbrücke in Oetz (near Habichen) has a long history. You can experience the vicissitudes of the river first-hand and either be surprised at the roaring waves or the relaxing sounds of the calm water.

Ötztaler Ache River

The Ötztaler Ache is a real white water river! Enjoy a walk along the river or follow the Ötztal Mountain Bike Trail next to the river with your mountain bike. Moreover rafting businesses offer guided tours on the Ötztaler Ache.

Numerous Mountain Lakes

In the Ötztal there are numerous mountain lakes in which the surrounding mountains are mirrored. Enjoy easy and difficult hikes to lakes and listen to sweet nothingness. We are happy to give you information on the most beautiful mountain lakes and hiking tours.

Tumpen Waterfall

A miracle of nature! An easy and short hike leads directly to the Tumpen waterfall. This small piece of earth is a gem and a must for nature enthusiasts. The annexing lush pasture invites to spend some time. 

Follow the water of the waterfall towards the “Grube”. This beautiful and peaceful hiking trails leads through the forest along a small brook and leads towards Habichen. There you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere at the crystal clear Habicher See lake.