Excursion Destinations

If you are looking for an excursion destination, we can recommend some worthwhile highlights. We are happy to inform you on further excursion destinations at the hotel.

Stuibenfall Waterfall

Tirol’s biggest waterfall with a height of 159 metres
On a quaint and easy path one hikes across roots and stone steps uphill along the right side of the waterfall. Five spectacular vantage platforms are installed along the route. On them you can experience the force of the water first hand. On a fixed suspension bridge in the upper section you can cross the nature spectacle. This adventurous hike including tour takes approximately 90 minutes and is also suitable for children.

Ötzi Village



Explore the Ötzi Village, an archaeological open air park mirroring the life of the iceman called Ötzi. You can see prehistoric buildings, hunting and working tools as well as old pet races which introduce you to the life, accommodation and economy of people during the early Stone Age.

Birds of Prey Park in Umhausen

On the approx. 5,000m²-large area at the foot of the Stuibenfall, Tirol’s biggest waterfall, next to the Ötzi Village, you can observe about 30 animals. 15 different birds of prey species such as vultures, red kites, owls and buzzards can be found in their new home. In the arena with 300 seats spectacular flight shows take place.

Suspension Bridge in Längenfeld

Between Brand and Burgstein lies probably one the most beautiful suspension bridges. In both villages are quaint restaurants for break stops. 200m above the valley ground, this beautiful loop trail can also be accessed with prams.

Farst near Umhausen

The aerie of the Ötztal.
Farst is likely the steepest and most daring settlement in the valley. Seen from the valley one has the impression that the farm houses must have been fixed by ropes to the slope. From up there (1,489m) one enjoys a fantastic panoramic view.

Piburger See Lake

A natural lake – the biggest in the valley and the warmest in Tirol. It is also referred to as “mirror of the mountains”, because the surrounding gigantic mountains are beautifully mirrored in the deep blue water.